Modernist Prefab Dwellings. Modern has come a long way…

by Heather Stoffle on November 1, 2007

Do You Appreciate a Modernist Design Aesthetic?
Modernist = particular style of architecture which is influenced by the work of Bauhaus and International Style.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a totally modern designed home, clean lines, great use of space, renewable natural materials and be affordable? Unfortunately these days, especially around the Seattle market finding something that speaks to the modern design enthusiast is increasingly hard to find and the cost is substantially higher then most of us want to pay. You will find a few modern custom homes dotted here and there amongst the various neighborhoods mostly the results of tear-downs and rebuilds and a few multi-family modern dwellings in the form of townhouses. The cost of building a modern new construction home is significantly high with the fees of architects, builders and materials not to mention the cost of land in Seattle.

While architects are clearly interested in exploring the use of prefabrication methods in design and construction, the actual implementation of these ideas have not caught on with enough gusto to demonstrate a viable prefab market here in Seattle and in most places across the nation. That doesn’t mean that it can’t however catch on. There are local architects and companies embracing the prefab and modernist designs such as Heather Johnston’s companies Place Architects and Place Houses. Two local companies that are introducing prefab and modernist design to the Seattle market.

My favorite prefab design at Place Houses is the Place House Accessory which is a 470 SF studio/garage or storage building starting at only $56K.placehouseaccessory.jpg I can easily see it being put up in back of a house or to replace an existing old garage. With it’s cool style, simple modern look and prefab design it’s a great alternative to building an addition when you need a little extra space. If you are looking for something a bit larger they also have houses upwards of 2500 SF all prefab, shipped out to your building site and assembled. They say that their homes are designed to be low-cost, low-maintenance and with fabulous style. Prefab houses can be placed on lots within Seattle depending upon of course on the lots size, zoning and restrictions.

So what is Prefab?

This term is open for interpretation but generally means that the components of the home are gathered at the time the structure is designed and put into “pieces” that can be easily assembled rather then stick built on site like a traditionally constructed home. (i.e. designed for reproduction). Prefab is primarily focused on single-family dwellings and tends towards embracing the modernist design philosophy and style.

Interested in learning more about prefab? Use the resources below to find out more. Ready to find a lot to put your prefab on in Seattle? Contact us today to start searching for your new modernist design or your lot for a prefab home.

Prefab resources

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Betsy Gabler November 1, 2007 at 7:09 pm

Alchemy Architects, home of the weeHouse, would also appreciate the opportunity to do work in the Seattle area. We are also able to ‘ship-a-wee’ to BC (although it does incur a barge fee).

admin November 1, 2007 at 11:16 pm

Thanks Betsy, We’ll include your link as well.

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